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The World Mysteries: The Mysteries of Eleusis

Presented by Brooklyn Academy of Music Majestic Theater, Next Wave Festival. 


A traveller from a distant and futuristic world is transported to the ancient times revealing certain cultures of our world.

As the treveller journeys through time, he weaves the cultures. The performance in devided into five parts, The Purification, The Myth, The Initiation, The Illumination and Divinity.

The production is inspired by the Mysteries that took place in the ancient Greece at the city of Eleusis thousands of years ago. Through the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone,  Persephone's abduction by Hades, and her subsequent return to reunite with her mother, the performance is a journey of the soul from its life in the physical form on Earth to its passage from the regions of Underworld, in order to receive new life and come in contact with the Higher Spheres and the Devine: a contact that takes different forms in different cultures but whose truth is common for all humanity. 





Conceived, Written and Directed by: Vasilios Calitsis

Co-written by: Tasos Roussos.


Assistant director: Angeliki Kassola

Music: Vasilios Calitsis,Yorgos Boudouvis

Movement Originator: Apostolia Papadamaki

Costume Designer: Mary McFadden

Set Designer: Merope Vachlioti

Sound Designers:  Bruce Odland, Mark McCoin

Sound Innovator, Engineer, Creative Mix and Edit: Agis Gyftopoulos 

Lighting Designer: Matthew Frey

Assistant lighting designer: Miriam Crowe

Creative writing: JuliAnaki

Insrumental Music: Yorgos Boudouvis

Creative designer: Maria Kassola

Artist, Design, Masks: Thoma Kiki

Stage manager: Peggy Samuels.


Producing team: Christopher G. Kikis, Yannis Katsoulis.


Mystagogue (voice over): Irene Worth

Hierophant (voice over): Vasilios Calitsis 

Torchbearer:  Paolo Proietti

Hades: Rene Schubert

Demeter's icon:  Carmen Dell'Orefice

Persephone: Lola Greco 

High priestess: Apostolia Papadamaki

Priestess:  Muriel Louveau

 Ancient initiate/Hermes: Antonis Frangakis

Future initiate: Gregory Stamoulis

Iambe: Irene Tsotra

Dwarf:  Manos Pantelides

Demophon/Iacchos: Timos Supprian-Katsoulis 


Pristesses: Irene Tsotra, Lia Haraki, Ermira Goro, Patricia Lazou, Katerina Drakopoulou, Natasa Marmataki,

Vera Kitna, Maria Wiener, Nektaria Giannoudaki


Noh theater performers: Akira Matsui, Richard Emmert.

Chinese opera performers from Contemporary Legend Theatre, Taiwan: Wei Hai-Ming, Wu Hsing-Kuo.

Kathakali performers from the Kathakali Centre, India: Kariyattil Soman (dancer), Thenethobi Balasundaran (percussionist). Artistic consultant, Kamblloore Kottayil Gopalakrishnan.

Flamenco performer: Lola Greco.

Music performer: Alexandros.


Recorded Voices: Tasis Christogiannopoulos, Margharita Syngeniotou, Irene Fotinaki, Dimitris Sigalos, Giannis Christopoulos, Nikos Stefanou, Eleni Karavoussi, Athena Kafetzi, Maria Kassola, Apostolia Papadamaki, Murel Louveau


Conductor of Children's Choir: Nikos Vassiliou


Make-up Design Team: Lazaro Arias, Luiz Marcano, Maira Gullin, Margaret Grodecka

Hair Design Team: Paolo Divalde, Eva Gobs, Christina Conroy

Costume Design Assistans: Agassi Nakhapetian, Sowon Moon


Production Manager: Jennifer Folb

Public Relations: Livet Reichard

Publicity, Administration: Daryl Richarson

Assistant Stage Manager: Angelica Suarez, Patricia Fox

General Managment: PrimeArt Ltd / Greece

Associate Producer: Vasilios Ducas

Senior Advisor: Howard Klein, Howard Klein and Associates 





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