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ROOMS 2010

An interactive projection by Ioanna Tsinividi


Kappatos Gallery hosts for eleventh time since 1999 the annual contemporary art exhibition “ROOMS 2010” at St. George Lycabettus Hotel, in Kolonaki area.


Each one of the 25 curators, historians & art theorists, architects, theatrologists, select a newly appeared artist or art team who will be presented in the rooms of one of the hotels’ floors. 30 Greek and foreign artists participate with paintings, sculptures, sound, photographic and scenographic installations, architectural projects, design, performance, projections, films and other artworks.


Each one of the rooms is transformed in the artist’s personal environment. Is thus given the opportunity of presenting and recording the modern tendencies and proposals in the Arts in order to create an essential and fertile dialogue.


The choice of a different space, that of a hotel, for the organisation of this exhibition, was made so as each artist to work autonomously in the same space as well as the modern artwork to claim and to occupy its own personnel, private and simultaneously public space, in complete equivalence and harmony with the character and the meaning for today.


The hotel space is a characteristic mass space with concrete structure, operation and social role. A space of visit, rest, meeting, acquaintance, communication. In its familiar way of operation, where “foreigners” are living for some time and city citizens pass certain hours of their free time, we also add an other dimension, that of artwork hospitality. Thus the social role of the hotel is extended and it acquires a cultural and communicational character and becomes a step of artistic expression and interaction with the wide public that will visit and “co-live” with the artworks.




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