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Psycho/Cycle is a journey through ages, social classes, and cultures touching upon issues such as: task oriented existence, cultural impositions upon daily life, role and lifestyles of women in particular throughout 20th century, routines necessary for human survival and existence, and family infrastructures with an emphasis on stereotypes.


CREATED AND DESIGNED BY: Ash Bulayev and Tzeni Argyriou

CHOREOGRAPHY: Ash Bulayev,Tzeni Argyriou, Ermira Goro, Stavrula Siamou
ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: GyroGyro – Stavros Gasparatos and Alexandros Tsilfidis


PERFORMED BY: Ermira Goro and Stavroula Siamou


PHOTOGRAPHY: Lila Sotiriou

VIDEO: Ioanna Tsinividi


Presented in Athens and Berlin in 2004



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