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i-MAP (Integration of Media Artand Performance)

On April 29th, 2005, European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture had approved i-MAP as a funded, one-year (annual) project under the auspices of Culture 2000 Framework Program.  The project began on September 1st, 2005 and will culminate in a distributed dance/theatre performance, See You in Walhalla, on September 14th, 2006 in Amsterdam, Athens, and Sofia.


i-MAP is a one-year interdisciplinary collaborative project implemented through a trans-European network of three participating media art organizations, dedicated to fostering new and innovative works of art through effective integration of interactive technologies and live performance practices.


A streaming, telekinetic performance event is proposed as the closing phase of the project.  Through collaborative inter-media creation process, developed simultaneously by four teams of artists in co-organizing institutions (media artists, directors and choreographers, programmers and software developers, as well as performers of various mediums), a fully developed dramaturgical structure will be created in order to thoughtfully integrate elements of interactive media and new technologies with live performance practices.



For more information about production and cast click here!



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