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Bill Young / Colleen Thomas & Co. 

2000 - 2006


Bill Young / Colleen Thomas & Co. ...reach toward the outermost extremes of physical dance - the movements topple over each other with the intensity and urgency of a white-water rapid - while forging a choreographic world full of emotional range and power.  At once abstract and intensely felt, the dancing springs from an investigation of the immediacy of human interactions on stage, and a fascination with the inherent character and expressive power of the purely physical impulse. 


Noted for its impact across cultural boundaries, the Company's work has spoken to audiences the world over - from Estonia, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary to Portugal, Taiwan, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela.  The impact of the company's overseas exchanges has now become evident in the make-up of this truly international group of dancers - which has included in recent years artists from Greece, Germany, Capo Verde, Venezuela, Albania, and China.


“Daring, eccentric...  the sensuality, the tenderness, the sense of adventure seem intrinsic to the moment and anchored to life”--Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice 

“Extreme dance theater of the absurd... utterly whacky inventions” --Eva Yaa Asantewaa



- “Fault”

 - “Again, Then Soar”

 - “Bent”

 - “Rein, Bellow”

 - “gorillaFEST”

 - “ Off”

  -“For Want”


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