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Citizens or Individuals? 

Judith Sanchez Ruiz's Citizens or Individuals probes the split between one's unique, personal humanity and the identity created when one adopts the customs and cadence of a society. The dance maps the impression of urban grids and boundaries on the body. Moving through a large empty cube created by set designer Jonathan Cramer, four dancers separate themselves from the geometry of modern tradition and its protective structure.


Citizens or Individuals", set to music by Dafnis Prieto, examines the delicate balance between private and public self and the accommodations that must often be made to belong to a community.,"


Choreography: Judith Sanchez Ruiz

Music: Dafnis Prieto

Set Desiner: Jonathan Cramer

Lighting design: Carol Mullins


Dancers: Ermira Goro, Michelle Boulé, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Danielle Goldman

Musicians: Dafnis Prieto (Drums), Dana Leong (Cello), Jason Lindner (Piano and Keyboards)


Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church



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