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Other Projects 


  • "To Be To Do, To Do To Be | dobedobedo" -  by and Fingersix

Amorphy .org and Fingersix invite artists to meet and improvise on stage. Random meetings follow each other.

Without rehearsing before, dancers, musicians, lighting designers, technicians and audience compose and create spontaneously, our journey. No one knows with whom, no one knows the exact moment, no one knows the result – and the performance begins.

Roes Theatre, Athens. (2010) 


  • "24- Hour Migration" - by Jennifer Monson 

From dawn on Sunday until dawn on Monday. 

Performers and audiences will follow the waterways of Manhattan based on the 1865 Sanitary & Topographical Map of the City and Island of New York, by Egbert L.Viele, and a score by choreographer Jennifer Monson. See Festival website for locations and maps.

Astrud Angarita, Crystal Bella, Corey Carver, Javier Cardona, Emily Christianson, Ermira Goro, Anne Gough, Hilary Grubb, Caryn Heilman, K.J. Holmes, Lindsey Karr, Sam Kim, Abigail Levine, Daniel Linehan, Andrea Liu, Alejandra Martorel, Cortney Mcquire, Jennifer Mesch, Jennifer Miller, Leah Nelson, Nico y Katiushka, Kayvon Pourazar, Dana Salisbury, Baraka de Soliel, Christie Svane, Sarah White, Isabelle Thiele, Antonietta Vicaro, Salena Watkins,Wen-shuan, Emily Wexler, Brandy Wicker (Dancers); Chris Cogburn, Bryan Eubanks, Sabrina Lastman, Sean Meehan, Michelle Nagai, Chris Peck (Musicians) & others. 

'Open Source'- Movement Research Festival, NY, US. (2005)


  • "Descending Matter (Illousion course)" - Choreography by Osmany Tellez

Performers: Astrud Angarita, Sigal Bergman, Ermira Goro, Osmany Tellez

Lexington Center for the Arts, NY, US. (2003)


  • "Alteration"-  Directed by Osmany Tellez

Created and performed by: Astrud Angarita, Ermira Goro, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Osmany Tellez

Music: Dafnis Prieto & Guests 

New Dance Aliance, Performance Mix in Association with Joyce Soho, NY. (2003) 


  • Dance-Music Improvisation with Ermira Goro, Judith Sánchez Ruíz and Dafnis Prieto (drums)

A Benefit performance for Jennifer Monson at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, US. (2002)


  • "Descending Matter" -  Choreography by Osmany Tellez 

 Performers: Astrud Angarita, Ermira Goro, Judith Sanchez Ruiz and Osmany Tellez 

 Music: Dafnis Prieto

Costumes: Astrud Angarita 

At Judson Church, NY, US (2002)


  • “Blood Blew Blush” - Choreography by Luis Lara Malvacias

Music by Douglas Henderson, 

Sets and costumes by  Luis Lara Malvacías  

Performers: Jocelyn Evans, Ermira Goro, Sia Sourelou, Rebecca Serrell and Luis Lara Malvacía

WAX Theatre, New York.  (2002)


  • Improvisation (dance-music) with Ermira Goro, Judith Sanchez and Jonathan Sinlayson (Trumpet) at "Hot House",

Performance Space 122, New York, US. (2002)


  • "Backooh" - Choreography  by Hamilton Monteiro and Theodosia Sourelou

Performers: Tzeni Arguriou, Ash Bulayev, Ermira Goro, Hamilton Monteiro, Theodosia Sourelou 

Presented by Danspace Project at St. Marks Church, Food for Thought Series, New York, US (2003)


  • "NoN” -  Choreography by Luis Lara Malvacias

Music:  Douglas Henderson, 

Sets and Costumes:  Luis Lara Malvacías  

WAX Theatre, New York.  (2002)


  • "Time in Circles"- Choreography in collaboration with the performers by Judith Sanchez Ruiz

Performers: Anna Sofia Kallinikidou, Ermira Goro, Judith Sanchez Ruiz

Composer: Dafnis Prieto

Musicians: Dafnis Prieto (percussion), Yosvany Terry (tenor saxophone)

New Dance Aliance, Performance Mix in Association with Joyce Soho, NY. (2002) 


  •  Improvisation (dance-music) with Ermira Goro and Tzeni Argyriou 

At "Hot House",Performance Space 122, New York, US. (2002)


  •  “Three nights and a day” -  Cosmos Dance Company (Ermira Goro: Co-Founding member)  

Joyce Soho, New York.(2000) 


  • New York Improvisation Festival with the Monsoon Orchestra, Washington Square Church. (1998)


  • “Untitled Solo” - Created and performed by Ermira Goro

 Theatre Hora, Athens. (1998) 


  • "Τι κι αν ο κόσμος ρέει, ή μιά εμπειρεία Ψυχραιμίας" - Choreographed and Written by Patritsia Lazou 

Performers: Tzeni Argyriou, Ermira Goro, Vera Kitna, Evangelia Randou, Patritsia Lazou

Set Design: Dominiki Vasiagiorgi

Light Design: Thymios Bakatakis

Photography/ Slides: Dimitris Kapnorrizas, Giorgos Vlassis

Costumes: Hristina Dimitropoulou

City of Athens. (1996)


  • “Electra” - by Mikis Theodorakis 

Directed by Nikos Koundouros

Odeon Of Herodes Atticus, Athens. (1996) 




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