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Meetings: Chania 



How does one endure or enrich a movement from the peculiarities of each body? How does an "'untaught'" body transform from a movement or rhythm that does not belong to its everyday vocabulary? What feelings can be caused by this almost voyeuristic matching?


​​With the desire to create a collective experience that values diversity and redefines the notion of power and beauty, Ermira Goro creates "Meetings" of very different people, - gender, ethnicity, body, age, ability- in an attempt to disconnect viewers from the dancer's identification with a body youthful, muscular, trained, "perfect".


Through the exploration of individuality and personal kinesiological expression, as well as the complexity and diversity of the performers bodies, "Meetings" lead the viewer to distinguish on stage parts of his own self and to review what "right" and "appropriate" means.



Concept & Choreography: Ermira Goro

Original Music: Underwater Chess 

Lighting Design: Vaggelis Mountrichas


​Production Manager: Maria Vasariotou 

​Production Supervision: Konstantinos Sakkas

​Produced by: Delta Pi 

Performed by: 

Chara Andrinopoulou, Eleni Vasilantonaki, Aikaterini Vienna, Gücük Simge, Sofia Gouletsa, Elena Dalamara, Maria Drakaki, Elpida Iliaki, Lito Karampini, Vasiliki Kourmouli, Argyri-Aphrodete Koutsioumba, Eleftheria Lagoudaki, Afrodite Manakou, Rigoula Maraka, Irini Mavromataki, Anna Badrani, Μaria Botonaki, Konstantinos Botonakis, Vanessa Μigiaki, Nikos Ninos, Stella Paraskaki, Dimitra Peroulaki, Angeliki Raftopoulou, Vasiliki Savva, Dora Sarri, Katerina Schoinoplokaki, Charikleia Tserentzoulia, Νikoleta Frantzeskaki

Presented and Supported by: Dance Days Chania Festival 

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