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Eye's Walk Digital festival 2018 with its new production :"Europe Started Here" turned the projectors on and illuminated the face of Europe Now, with all the intense social and political problematics that feed our culture. 
Video Installation Art, Virtual Reality, Performances,Workshops took place during this 3-day site specific event at the heart of Ano Syros. 

Curator: Filia Milidaki

Artistic Collaborator: Ermira Goro

Artists participating :Emmanuel Tussore, France, Emiliano Zucchini & Paolo Tarsi, Ιtaly, Bahar Borna Faraz, Iran, Theodora Prassa, Greece, Elene Tsamadia, Greece, Moran Been-noon ​ & Aliina Lindroos, Israel & Finland, Russell J.Chartier & Paul J. Botelho, USA, Chryssa Beziriannidou, Greece, Kuriaki Goni, Greece, The Refugee Film Collection: Selected artists: Cristobal Catalan, Amir Kabir Jabari,Florentia Ikonomidou, Daniel Wechsler, Yovista Ahtajida, Aline Biasutto, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne,Christophe Branche,France, Gabrielle Neuhaus, Israel, Johannes J.Gerard, Netherlands, Marievi Mastoraki, Greece, Aggeliki Karamolegou, Greece, Delphine Bereski,France, Christine Assimacopoulos,Greece, the Orchestra of the Cyclades,Greece.


Design: Elisavet Papageorgiou

Production: multitools

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