a new work by Ermira Goro and Hannes Langolf 


Premiere: 1-2 April 2017, Main Stage, Onassis Cultural Centre - Athens


“With DANDELION we want to dive into the inner world of our human obstacles and inhibitions and find a way to reveal the joy of stepping over our own thresholds or celebrating even the mere attempt.”


"This project marks a point of departure for both of us into exploring our own language and seeing where our interests and way of working meet. The last 9 years have shaped an artistic bond between the two of us that forms a perfect starting point for artistic collaboration – trust, support and mutual freedom. Our interest does not lie in merging our ways of working but to join forces to see if this project can be a chance to widen our artistic method. We think of this collaboration as much as a clash as we think of it as a amalgamation."

It feels that more and more we live in a world where the time and patience for human connection and inner sensitivity is becoming a precious value and something that needs a more conscious decision to hold on to and contribute. We talked a lot about how an honest relationship with the people around us can make us go beyond our own insecurities and obstacles and make us more courageous, a fuller version of ourselves and therefore experience life just that little bit more glorious.


Concept-Direction: Ermira Goro, Hannes Langolf

Choreography: Hannes Langolf, Ermira Goro & the performers


Performers: Ermira Goro, Hannes Langolf, Dimitra Mertzani, Rafael Pardillo, Antonis Stamopoulos,

Alexandros Stavropoulos, Andi Xhuma

Set & Costume Design: Christos Delidimos
Music Composition: Coti K.
Lighting Design: Richard Godin
Assistant to the Directors: Dimitris Koutsoubas
Choreography Support: Nikos Kalogerakis


Research support: Juliet Knight, Will Thompson, Charlotte McLean, Amy Bell, Emma Bonnici, Sean Marcs
Research Associate Producer: Lia Prentaki


Executive Production: Konstantinos Sakkas
Production Management: Delta Pi


 This show is produced and supported by:

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