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Dressed For Floating 


Dressed for Floating explores the limited and limitless nature of a dancer's silence and the effects of self- scrutiny and objectification. Examining ways that the body is seen and used as a means to express dysfunction, intergration, harmony and violence, the work is intended to be viewed by an audience seated on four sides of a 20-foot square playing space.

Seeing the dancers at close range and the audience in the distance watching invokes a contradictory circumstance of voyeurism and community. The electronic music - space includes live interactive feedback altered by the movement of the danceres, and places the audience in the same acoustically active space. 



Choreographed, Directed and Written by: DD Dorvillier / human future dance corps 


Created in collaboration with the performers: Ermira Goro, Sam Kim, Heather Kravas, Judith Sanchez Ruiz


Music: David Kean

Pre-recorded music: Anthony (Harpsichord), Zeena Parkins (Prepared Piano) 


Costume Design: Katrin Schnabl 

Lightin Design: Carol Mullins 

Dramaturgy: Peter Jacobs 


Tecnical Director: Andrew Perret 

Production: Peter Jacobs 

Rehearsal Consulat: Heather Kravas

Crew: Kenta Nagai, Michelle Nagai, Oren Bar Noy, Anika Kristensen, Willa Carroll 

Photography: Eileen Travell 

Postcard Design: Jason Starkie

Video Documentation: Character Generators 



photo:Eileen Travell

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